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Filby: Deleted:

  • I think it should be noted, strongly, in the main article that the overwhelming occurrence of this trope is in anime.

  • Point of order: shouldn't we be using the English title since it's been dubbed?

'Cuz discussion belongs on the discussion page.

But yeah, I agree, we should. *fixes*

Ark the Legend: Why are several examples of squirrels and one example of rats placed under the section for rabbits?

The Gunheart: Think someone should pull the examples that are straight-up Funny Animals? I mean, this is for characters who are simply human with animal features, right? So why are so many entries full-fledged anthropomorphic beasts?
  • DoomTay: I blame the mere fact that they're both described as "humanoid animals" which pretty much fit both tropes one way or another.