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Shazzbaa:I'm gonna cut the Bioshock example unless it's protested. I'll admit I missed this scene when me and my brother played through the game (he did it without me, blastit!), but my understanding was that Andrew Ryan simply commanded the protagonist to perform whatever using "Would You Kindly?", which the protagonist was mentally conditioned to obey — rather than actually puppetting the protagonist, which is more an issue of Mind Control or More Than Mind Control or something. I'll leave that up to other tropers to decide. ...That or you could just stick it back here if you disagree with me. ^^;

Nobodymuch: Also, when has Xavier ever controlled bodies instead of minds?

Marko: I always wondered why are they able to control their vocal cords if the rest of the body is controlled by the puppeteer...

Acacia: Depending how the puppeting is being done, some puppeteers might not have enough fine control for those little fiddly bits. Still, they should be able to keep the jaw clamped shut, so there's an alternate theory for particularly sadistic puppeteers: Hearing their victims helplessly protest this use of their bodies is quality entertainment to them.