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Working Title: Our Demons Are Different: From YKTTW

Austin: "Raven of Teen Titans is half-demon/half-human who must control her emotions lest her demonic side be set free. "

I'm not positive if this is the case for the comics, even though the example is listed in it and not Western Animation. Even so, it's not really her demon side being set free, it's her powers going haywire (for what it's worth, the show pretty much dropped this after it was introduced).
"* If the source is Japanese, and the demons are really different, the reason may be simply that, in translation, the word "demon" is being substituted for a completely different word, Youkai, which really doesn't have a correlating concept in English. "Faerie creature" is probably closer when it comes to traditional function in folklore, but "demon" sounds more likely to kick ass, despite faeries being pretty damn scary."

fhqwhgads: Wait, I thought that "Akuma" meant demon, and "Youkai" was more along the lines of "monster". It would seem to me if you were to try and draw parallels with Greek and Japanese mythology, Youkai would correspond to most Greek mythical creatures like Satyrs, Nymphs, Chimaeras, etc...

Clarste: I agree. While both of them might be translated as demon, depending on the context, it seems more likely to be akuma than youkai. Youkai are things that go bump in the night. Akuma are more likely to come from hell or equivalent.