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Kilyle: Erm... entirely spoiler'd entry? Can someone work that into something that's informative without being spoiler-y? I mean, at least give us the gist - else it's not all that useful unless you already know it.

Sikon: Actually, Kawalsky only turned out "dead-dead" because the SGC never had a sarcophagus — and the problem wasn't even with deadness, but with the fact that his Goa'uld symbiote irreversibly took over his mind. If he was put into a sarcophagus immediately after being implanted with the symbiote, it would have healed him, as shown in "Into the Fire" with O'Neill.

Puck: Is there a distinction between this and Not Quite Dead?

Chad M: I think Not Quite Dead describes when something apparently lethal happened to a character but didn't kill them, while Only Mostly Dead refers to when a character is still and unconscious as though they were dead, but is still alive. Main difference is that it's not possible to be Only Mostly Dead if there's no "body."