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Man Called True: Every official strategy guide I've seen for both Kingdom Hearts games give Sephiroth's one-hit kill as "Sin Harvest". Deal with it.

Robert Bingham: It's "Sin Heartless Angel," actually. It's an homage to Sephiroth's original "Heartless Angel" attack from Final Fantasy VII's final showdown. It knocked you down to only one HP much like Kefka's "Fallen One" attack in Final Fantasy VI.

Shale: Source? "The official supplements are wrong and I'm right" isn't a very convincing argument.

Robert Bingham: Though it's not exactly clear in the Kingdom Hearts I battles against the guy on Youtube what he's saying when he calls his attacks (the One Winged Angel theme and the sounds of the battle tend to drown such stuff out), this video covers the Sephiroth battle from KHII, and though the battle only takes up the first half of the video (Sora burns through Sephiroth's lifebars like a demon in that battle), Sephiroth uses the attack in question at one point during the battle and knocks Sora down to almost no HP. His voice is a bit clearer than in the KHI battle, and you can hear him go "Descend, Heartless Angel" when he cuts loose. So it would probably be "Heartless Angel" rather than "Sin Heartless Angel."
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Raveled Is there a reason examples from both FEAR and Street Fighter are in Web Comics?