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Harpie Siren: Deleted the Emperor's New Groove cause is was an example of The Cat Came Back... and it's already mentioned in that artical

Wolviepris: Two potential examples. Does Sylar quality? He likes to show up out of the blue. Also, in Spider-Man 3, the audience gets a needless jump scare when a Goblined-Out Harry grabs Mary Jane by the throat in her apartment. However, she was walking towards the camera where he met her, so either she walked right into it without any surprise at all from her or he teleported there.

"NPC Powers" seems like a separate trope if this is supposed to be about horror films; see my comment on The Cat Came Back Discussion. Of course, I'm not going to split it myself. —Document N

A potential example: Cloverfield monster being sneaky and eating Hud anyone?

The main example I think of for this, though I can't remember which Jaws movie it was, the vctims actually fly to some tropical island to escape the shark, and the shark somehow beat them there. Any help as far as specifics?

Arguably, the Agents in The Matrix have this as a power—since every coppertop is potential Agent fodder, you aren't safe unless you are completely alone.

Hydro Globus: Would someone correct the grammar of my example of Wolfenstein 3D? It somehow doesn't seem like correct English but I can't think of any better way to say that... Thanks! :)

Haven: What episode of MST3k was Tom Servo's demonstration in?

Ezekiel: Could this be considered a subtrope of Schrodinger's Gun?

Arivne: As far as I can tell, both of the Aliens examples are not correct (I've added edits explaining why). If no one can explain why they are correct, I'll delete them the next time I remember.