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I say this is pretty close to the character type of "Magic Negro" which isn't yet in the database. I don't want to start an article myself, as I have yet to figure out the conventions for articles on this wiki, but you can see a definition over at Wikipedia. [1]

Tulling: Magical Negro has been there for a while.

Well, what do you know... I missed it in search. Thank goodness I didn't try to make a new article.

Tzintzuntzan: Would Weevil from Veronica Mars count as a Noble Savage? (And as a Proud Warrior Race Guy, too.)He's the good kind of thug, unlike the spoiled rich white thugs he deals with.

Janitor: Around Casa Janitor, we call him Gold-Hearted Thug.

Tzintzuntzan: He is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but a lot seems to be made of how, being poor and Hispanic, he's more "pure" than the other thugs at school.

tristanheydt: Perhaps the concept of the Noble Savage has mutated with time, but I always felt that it was a product of their primitave state or origin, their freedom from the decadence of civilization, that imbued them with a Noble Spirit, and not neccessarily their ethnicity. Tarzan is a Noble Savage, and he's a white man... in the books, he's even more noble and pure than many of the local African tribesmen, having an even more primitive upbringing than theirs. And Conan (another ur-example of the trope) is constantly complaining about decadence civilization, to the point where Poul Anderson hung a Lampshade on it in his Conan parody, and Fritz Leiber both Lampshaded it and Inverted the trope with Fafrd.

HeartBurn Kid: Axed this:
(Umaga, if only for not being a coward like virtually every other heel in the company)

Because Umaga's a better representative of a more wrestling-specific archetype, the Wild Samoan.

Peteman: Why is Closer to Earth in there, since this is a nature related trope?

Goldfritha: What on earth do you mean — this is a nature-related trope?