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DalekKanNoladti: I find it ironic that I'm more likely see a noble demon than a really noble angel in fiction nowadays. See Morality Tropes.

Lale: Okay, where in the world is the quote from?

Seth: I don't know but it sounds awesome.

Scrounge: Made it up whole cloth, actually. Feel free to deep-six it once we get something that's actually from something, but I like the idea of having "flavor text" at the top of the pages, and I couldn't be bothered to search for some.

Ununnilium: Interesting.

Scrounge: I used to dabble in fanfic, never really went past that, too lazy to really write much and not really enough understanding of people to create original characters, so I can't really do any real writing. Frankly, I'm surprised the quote I put up there didn't get deleted within fiteen minutes.

Ununnilium: Looking at it again, later... the killing part doesn't really fit the trope, but I'm not sure how to replace it.

Scrounge: Someone did already. Good thing, too, I was worried I'd have to replace it wish something from B-Daman, of all things. For those curious, the quote I made up was: He ran into the orphanage, eyes blazing with determination, to rescue the helpless children from the flame... And when one called him a hero, he promptly picked the little brat up by the neck and flung him back into the burning building through a window in a fit of annoyance, the impact and shards of glass killing him instantly before the flames could even begin their work. The others lowered their heads, ashamed and frightened, and none spoke for days after. Pretty lame, huh?

Egak: Does someone have to like having an evil self-image or having others think of them as evil to be a Noble Demon? In other words, can a morality based example of Heroic Self-Deprecation be a Noble Demon?

Jackalyn: I don't think that they have to expressly like having an evil image, just accepting of that's how people view them and that you might as well milk it for all its worth. You'd have to be more specific on you second question for me to be able to awnser it.

Kitsune Inari: In the InuYasha entry, I've noticed that SessMom is listed as a "Hanyou Queen"; however, last time I checked on her, she was a full-breed dog youkai. Should I correct it?

I think the perfect poster picture would be Duncan from Total Drama Island. He fits this trope with a captial T.
Nal: Look, I'm very sorry, but the entry with Hiei's name under it doesn't strike me as correct. I haven't seen much of Yu Yu Hakusho but a guy like Hiei? He seems more of a complete monster to me. this might not be in the right spot and it might be a case of not doing the research but if I am wrong then by all means please tell me.