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Arutema: Alright, who added the MGS 4 example without spoiler-tagging it?
Caswin: Is The Matrix an example? It was a brutal beating, but Morpheus was giving Smith a fight and landing his share of blows for a while. (They were barely hurting him, but it still doesn't seem right.)
Haven: Re: the Booster Gold example. How the hell does that make any sense? Booster Gold's a dude in powered armor with energy blasts and super-strength. Joker is...creepy, and that's all. What the crap?

Bob: It starts with a paralysis poison dart to the neck and an electric shock shorting out his force field. It goes downhill pretty quickly after that.

h_v: Wow. It must be really lame force field to go down to an electric shock. Either that, or the Joker's smuggling some very tiny nuclear power plants under his coat.
Shouldn't all hero examples count as Curb-Stomp Battle? I mean, I thought the only difference between the two was that this one's villain for hero, while Curb Stomp is hero for villain.

Roihu: I find the spoiler marks on the Sasuke's humiliation amusing.
Vampire Buddha: Removed this:
  • Frieza's legendary beatdown of Vegeta, right after Frieza achieved his fourth and final transformation. In the uncut version (read: the one you won't see on Cartoon Network), it's quite possibly one of the most savage beatings bestowed in all of anime. Frieza literally pummels Vegeta until Vegeta can barely move from the pain and injury, tears of humiliation and agony dripping from his eyes. And just when Goku arrives and it looks like it'll be a Big Damn Heroes moment, Frieza finishes the fight by blasting Vegeta through the heart, killing him. While most of the cast is quick to admit Vegeta can't keep his mouth shut, Goku is heavily enraged by Kick the Dog-methods of one-sided fights.
    ** Just as harsh: Hercule/Mr. Satan's daughter Videl is savagely beaten to the point of crying by her superpowered (male) opponent in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament.
    *** To be fair, during the first half of the fight Videl gave him a pretty far going beatdown too. She and the audience even thought she accidentally killed him at one point.
    ** Also, earlier in Dragon Ball, Piccolo Daimao, even taking his robe off for some Serious Business, handed one of these to the young Son Goku. Even momentarily stopping his heart beating.
    ** Raditz stomping on Goku's chest. Go watch that again, listen to that heart-breaking scream, and tell me it isn't Nightmare Fuel Unleaded - especially since this is right after the relatively cute, cheerful dragonball series. Goku fangirls everywhere may now go hide under the covers and cry.

Seriously people, is it that hard to mention the show the example comes from?

Austin: It's from Dragonball Z. You don't know that? Hell, in the second to last example, the show IS linked to. Even if it wasn't, removing a valid example just because they didn't link to the show is the wrong way to handle the problem. People can't link to it if it's no longer there.
liv: Removed this from Bleach: Did that troper not read the same manga I did or did they completely ignore the description of this trope? That battle was on pretty equal grounds. (Well, as equal as it can get when the opponent is Kenpachi.)

Austin: On the Great Mouse Detective

"◦The visuals are bad enough, but the audio is what really makes you cringe. I remember that it is able to hear bones splitting and Basil choking on his own blood. You know, for kids! "

I'm almost postive that this isn't true.