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Kendra Kirai: Would the various spoofs of celebrities from South Park and Team America and the like count? Even though none of the voices are anything like the real celebrities?

Dark Sasami: No, and neither does The Wrong Coast or Celebrity Deathmatch. The trope is swiping the personalities, voices, mannerisms, and/or appearances of the celebrity, while not actually claiming to be them.

I'm not sure where direct parodies of celebrities that say they are not them fall, such as the Tiny Toon Adventures Entertainment Tonight bits: "Hi, I'm Mary Hartless!" "And I'm John Face!" But I don't think they count either.

Semiapies: "Rainier Wolfcastle (who plays the character McBain) is a subtle imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger." Subtle? :D
  • In Honey And Clover, the side character "Peter Lucas", who directs the film Morita works on and helps him steal back his father's company, is an obvious parody of another Hollywood director.

Looney Toons: Having never seen this show, I'd like to note that it'd be nice if you said who he's a parody of. Seth: Fair enough, it seemed funnyer witout mentioning but being George Lucas i thought it was obvious. *adds

Egak: There are a couple of Loony Tunes characters that I'm sure are impersonations of Lenny from some movie adaption of Grapes of Wrath, most memorably, the abominable snowman.

Daibhid C: Of Mice And Men, not Grapes of Wrath, but yes; this is probably also why he calls Bugs "George".

Jordan: When I listen to Jim Henson's voice as Kermit the Frog, he sounds a lot like Jimmy Stewart- was that deliberate?

Bring The Noise: Cut: "** In "Witchy Grrls", Weird Al Yankovic appears as himself." Because that has nothing to do with this trope.

==Roman a Clef== Um, Citizen Kane, The Devil Wears Prada, etc are NOT celebrity impersonations. Those are roman a clefs. Big big difference. ~~~~