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Working Title: Ten Seconds Into The Future: From YKTTW

That Other 1 Dude: Is the line "If..." some sort of obscure reference or a total Mind Screw?

Duckluck: I don't know. Pulled:
  • The Day Britain Stopped
  • The Man Who Broke Britain
  • If...
because when you name a series you should at least explain how it uses the trope, otherwise it isn't really an example at all. I know these non-examples are all over the wiki, but it's time we took a stand.

The Escape from New York example doesn't hold because it was filmed in 1981 and set in 1997, not in "circa 2020". So ignoring the fact that there are even more obvious problems with Escape from New York fitting into the real world (e.g. the fact that New York wasn't made into one big maximum-security prison, the collapse of the USSR, the fact that there was no World War III) in the year 1997 the World Trade Center was still standing anyway.