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10:12:29 PM Jul 28th 2012
Has anyone read Cold Comfort Farm? I gather from the description it's set at least 20 minutes into the future if, not more, and want to remove it.
12:43:21 AM Jul 29th 2012
I've watch the film but not read the book, and I got the impression it was in the Previous Sunday AD rather than the Next Sunday A.D. — Flora had very forward attitudes, but the setting was 20th century in the city. Therefore, I'd say it's still not an example.
12:57:39 PM Nov 9th 2010
New to the Wiki. Nevertheless, there is another example of this Trope: the Torg Roleplaying Game. Not only was it set in the Near Now (which meant the exact same thing as Next Sunday AD), advertisements for the game mentioned this explicitly:

"Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week… The world began to end."

This is probably the most famous quote from the game.

So, can anyone help me add this to the Wiki?
04:30:01 PM Nov 9th 2010
I am not familiar with the work. It is not difficult to sign up with the Wiki, and then you could easily add the example yourself by editing the page — that's what Wikis are all about after all, everyone contributing whatever content they can.
02:24:30 PM Apr 28th 2010
Does it Just Bug anyone else that "20 Minutes into the Future" is further away than "Next Sunday A.D."? What's even more annoying is that it somehow seems better that way...
02:38:44 PM Apr 28th 2010
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
It's convention. "Twenty minutes into the future" likely first came into consciousness through discussions of sci-fi works that are set in the near-future, but far enough that their society still seems unmistakably different from our own. Next Sunday A.D. has an exact Trope Namer, Mystery Science Theater 3000; since all the futuristic stuff in there is "explained" by the MST3K Mantra, that show feels like our own time most seasons.
04:31:12 PM Nov 9th 2010
Mystery Science Theater 3000 is actually not an example of this trope, as the trope description itself states.
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