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Ununnilium: We shouldn't add just any character with a doctorate into this entry; it should only be characters who are usually called "Doctor Lastname", or "Doctor Firstname Lastname", or another variation on that — where "Doctor" is part of their "name".

Seth: I also don't think we should include subversions/exceptions. If they aren't evil then they aren't this trope, this page is here to outline how many characters do fit the criteria.

Seven Seals: Well, I'd say keep the exceptions/subversions because they highlight the prevalence of the trope, but limit it to notable characters, not just any background character who happens to be a doctor and didn't do anything evil. Also, a show where there are multiple doctors would obviously be less prone to this trope, so no point mentioning those. (And Doctor Demento is really neither here nor there.)

Ununnilium: What I was going to say was exactly what Seven Seals said.

Seth: I'll give it a quick scan and cut down on em. I am also going to remove good M Ds since it says in the text practicing medical doctors are usually exempt.

All the entries say if they are good or evil accept this one so ive moved it here until someone can put that in.

Ununnilium: I'm putting Doctor McNinja back in, because he's an action hero as well as a medical doctor.

Seth: But he falls under the medical doctor amnesty.

Seven Seals: Seth's got a point, Un. Medical doctors are never evil, except to show off the really irredeemable, dr. Mengele-Angel-of-Death type of evil doctors. Dr. McNinja may be worth mentioning somewhere as a rare medical doctor/action hero crossover dude, but I'm not sure this is the place to do it.

Kat Kit: He does do all kinds of morally ambiguous things, though. They make a plot point out of how he's allowed to do things like cutting off a faux-ninja's arm without police action as long as he gets back to his office and declares 'base' before they catch him.

Seven Seals: Maybe we should call him a subversion of everything and get on with it...

Seth: His being a doctor seems more like a quirk - The Bunny Ears of his being a Ninja. Not the other way around.

Scrounge: Dr. McNinja is Dr. McNinja. He plays with tropes merely by existing. I put the medical thing there so we could avoid having this page clogged with the cast of ER and House. McNinja should still qualify simply by virtue of being exactly what this trope wants from a good guy with the title, if nothing else.

xwingace:Removed the duplicate mention of The Doctor.
Medinoc: So finally, is this page supposed to be alphabetically ordered or not? I thought it was when I added Dr. Freeman, but seems that if there ever was an alphabetical order, it isn't very well abided by by now...

Fire Walk: It's currently not sorted much at all, and appears to be in the order people added them. I've just put all "The Doctor" names in one place, but it may need sorting into medium.

Medinoc: As a side note, TVTropes has ruined my vocabulary: When I saw the description of Dr. Morris, I took some time to understand it was not that meaning of "humanitarian"...
Marz2: As a note, feel free to change the Discworld entry. It is debated whether to include the Wizards or not.....
Bring The Noise: Cut the following for being a non sequitur:

  • Umm...he does have a doctorate. At least one of them is a surgeon. (Re: Dr Midnite)