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Working Title: Moe Anthropomorphism: From YKTTW

Scrounge: ...And here I was hoping that we'd get a cute Easter Island Statue girl for the page image, so it coulf be Moai Anthropomorphism. :)

Pocketmaker: I stopped watching this show because it was too weird.... where in Gods name is Strike Witches?!

Pavlov: Why is Koihime†Musou on this page? I don't think you can get anthropomorphism by basing female characters on male characters. That goes double for Strike Witches, too.

"Nase Yamato's Chinko no Tsubuyaki makes penises cute." . Come on, "makes"?

Sean Tucker: Strike Witches counts because, even though they're based off WWII aces, they're also planes. Also, Trope-tan is seriously Off-Model.