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Looney Toons: Meh, not exactly the best example. (Kendra's image link, I mean.)

Kendra Kirai: Yeah, I know I've got better. I'll be looking later. It took days to whittle down over 30,000 pictures to the 150 or so I uploaded to add here, and I *know* I missed a bunch of perfect ones.

Looney Toons: Sorry, Kendra; coming back half a day later my comment looks a lot snarkier than I meant it.

Kendra Kirai: Hey, don't worry about it, I took it as the constructive criticism it was meant as. :) I really DO have much better, but I just can't remember where, and finding it in the mess I call my archives will be all but impossible. I'll find new ones though, I'm always adding to my collection.

Citizen: (Image referred to above replaced by me.) //It bothers me oh so slightly that this page is dedicated solely to the effect of mind control. As opposed to eyes which grant the user mind control abilities. But that's the domain of Evil Eye, so I'll just change the reference of Lelouch "obtaining Mind-Control Eyes" that I came across...

Scientivore: Wow. Somebody has issues. This is not the place for trolling so I'm edited out the gratuitous, condescending over-generalizations about entire continents' worth of artists. I'm also baffled to once again find a universal trope being presented as if it were something unique and special about anime. Weird.

Ununnilium: ...the hell? My good sir, I find myself unable to comprehend your objection.

Scientivore: Well, I'll take that as a tribute to how gracefully I was able to fix the tone of the entry without changing any essential meanings. In retrospect, I probably should've just done that without saying anything.

Ununnilium: Oh, I see now, I was looking at the post-you-editing version of it. Still, I don't see that "the sillier sort" is anything to get het up about, though I do prefer it this way.

SteveMB: After adding an entry for an example of Mind Control Eyes that are visibile to other characters, I found that links inside spoiler tags don't conceal. I hobbled up a solution by simply using the words "SPOILER LINK" as the link text; is there a better way to handle this?

(continued: When I looked at the page again, the link was concealed. I realized that just linking the word "death" was unspecific and didn't say anything new even if it did show up onscreen, so I changed the link to that.)
Adam850: The objection of the name shouldn't be on the page itself, but on the discussion, or submitted to YKTTW.

Tanto: Indeed. Deleted.

Ununnilium: Restoring the line that it replaced.

Arb: Am I the only one bugged by the way the line 'This also counts as Fetish Fuel for some people' could be applied to every trope?