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Shimako and Noriko clarification

Fixed Mari Mite entry — Shimako is the miko and "daughter of a shrine", Noriko is just Buddhist and fond of shrines and temples. — Taper W

Haruhi Suzumiya picture?

That Other 1 Dude: What with that picture, and all of these pictures that are supposedly from the Haruhi Suzumiya series, yet I can imagine where they would fit in canon.

Scud East: It's fanart.

Citizen: No, it's an official illustration from one of the novels.

Scud East: I apologize for speaking confidently without knowledge. Of course you're right.

Ukyo a miko?

Sackett: Ukyo for Ranma a miko? Did I miss that somewhere, since I don't remember that.

Does the outfit on the miko in the picture matter?

C Banana: While I appreciate that Reimu is a pretty iconic Miko, she's not a very typical one. I think we should have a picture with a proper shinto outfit to help illustrate the trope better. Something like the picture I put up.