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[[caption-width: Origins]] Should it be mentioned that Metroidvania originated from here: ?

Tanto: It is mentioned.

- Seems to me that Metroidvania games are a lot like side-scrolling Zelda games.
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GG Crono: Am I the only one who thinks "Castleroid" sounds like some kind of embarrassing ailment?

Superfluous Moniker: I am of the opinion that Metroid Vania is one word. In fact I have never seen it as two words prior to this website. And even though I typed it in as one word without quotes it got picked up as a link with two words. Madness!

Arrow: The page itself has it as one word in the text; it will only show up as two in the title if you manually capitalize the V in the URL/link. Which a lot of people do in other articles' code because apparently it's just so much easier to make one capital V than to add four curly brackets around a single word.

Cygnus: Umm, word to the wise, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero is NOT a Metroidvania by any sense of the word. It has no ability gain, and progression is linear and doesn't encourage exploration.

Kawa: Guess what this sorry excuse for a game programmer is working on? Yeah, that's right.