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Gus: I don't know ... just block-quoting off another site? Do we have any value to add?

Looney Toons: We should. I think we need to yank the quote out and at the very least rephrase its contents. I'll grab a local copy and if I get a chance before lunch I'll putter around with it this morning.

Looney Toons: (5 hours later) Putter successful. And yeah, I know I swiped the image and quote from the top of Rob Kelk's meganekko page, from whence the original megaquote came. But that's okay, Rob's a friend of mine, and hey, the quote is public domain as it's from a newsgroup. I was going to go with some more positive variation on the classic "Men never make passes..." poem, possibly riffing on Ogden Nash's own response ("A girl who is bespectacled/May not get her necktacled..."), but I stumbled on that quote and I felt it fit my purposes perfectly.

Baby M: Good job on the rewrite. I went with the blockquote because it was the best I could do in a limited time and, well, darn it! we needed a "Meganekko" page. Your version is much better, Mr. Tunes.

Looney Toons: Thank you, Baby M.

Gus: Tasty!

Duckluck: Is the name essenstial? I understand that this is a well-known trope among hard-core otakus, but I for one am never going to be able to remember or even spell the name. Can we get one in english like Cute Glasses or Bespectacled Cutie maybe?

Seth: I would say the name is essential. Its like calling a page on BDSM "Whips chains and leather".

Ununnilium: It's pretty well-entrenched, yeah. If we renamed pages with good names that were hard to spell, we'd have to overhaul half the wiki.

Citizen: Indeed. I don't really care for this term, so I'd side with Duckluck, but it's still a lot easier to spell than that Unlucky Childhood Friend one... That being said, everytime I first look at this trope title I see Meganeko... which I'm sure is something entirely different. =P

Jisu: Okay. Meganekko is a lot easier to spell than osananajimi (and yes, I still hold a grudge against all that renamed Unlucky Osananajimi to Unlucky Childhood Friend), and anyone can learn it. I think those of us on the anime side of things are just being slung mud at with all this — remember when a certain someone wanted to either cut down the anime examples or give them their own wiki so as not to "intrude" on the rest?

HeartBurn Kid: Would Lisa Loeb count as a real-life example?

Scrounge: After a quick google search, I'm going to have to say 'hells yes''. Also, is it just me, or are they increasingly common in webcomics, even those that aren't otherwise Animesque?

Runa27: Jisu... go live in Japan. Seriously. If you can't bring yourself to speak English when it makes more sense to title the article that way, you're probably better off there. I found this page half expecting it to be about a catgirl-like trope, and instead, it's a completely different one that isn't even exclusive to anime! (More common there? Yes. Exclusive? Hell no, what about Fred from Buffyverse spinoff Angel??? She's like an over-18 version of this. Well, before the Lovecraftesque god possessed her, at any rate.) It's one thing when it's just a redirect, or if there is at least a redirect TO it, or if it's genuinely a term that would lose meaning or whatnot if translated ("Senior/Junior" just isn't the same as the very Japanese concept of "Sempai/Kohai", although is it just me or does our Sempai Kohei page misspell the latter?). But if it's the ONLY ARTICLE, on an extremely simple concept such as this, why the everliving fsk isn't it just "Glasses girl" or "Cute Girl With Glasses" or something? Honestly, I thought your user page was an outright parody, but apparently it's not. I suggest a rename or a redirect to a copy of the page that has something more, you know, not in a foreign language most visitors won't be able to decipher accurately? For the record, before you bitch that "it's a common usage!", IMO it's not common enough. It's not like the word is like otaku, or manga, or sempai or sensei, where even some outsiders to anime would understand it or where it can't be translated without losing the true context. I have been OBSESSED with anime and manga and Japanese culture for almost a DECADE, I grew UP watching it and talking about it online for crissakes, and I have never, ever heard this term. The concept? Sure, it's extremely familiar. But no one I've ever talked to uses the term "meganekko" for it. Not even the people that throw around Japanese words on a frequent basis. I'm not saying it isn't used; I'm just saying, it's not so commonly used or so specific to the culture that it should be ONLY in Japanese.I say this as someone very obsessed with anime and manga and the culture and all, who has only waited this long to even officially take Japanese (I start Tuesday) because she couldn't register for the class in time/afford to/they didn't offer it, someone who in fact loves the Japanese language. Japanese is beautiful and cool and all squishily-squee, but PLEASE just write the damn thing with an English title, because it's insanely hard to find with the search function, and it shouldn't be. I'd create a redirect myself (at very least), but I don't know how, I'm begging you, people, somebody anybody, just create the redirect at least? Cute Girl With Glasses or Glasses Cutie or even just the "direct translation" of Glasses Girl seems appropriate enough, don't you think?

Seth: A little negative and too hard to read since it is one massive block of text, but some good points in places. At this stage i would be against changing the name just because of how old this page is. But renaming Sempai Kohei to Senior Junior Relations or Sempai/Kohai makes a little sense. If just because the current title is mispelt (Of course simply correcting the spelling mistake fixes that). The term for this page is a new description for the old fetish, and is such not so well known as older descriptions. There is no real thing as an expert on the subject.

I for one have heard this title used outside of the wiki. Usually in cases where one is dissecting moe on a critical level (On forums, articles or that one scene in Suzumiya Haruhi) or in discussions like this one. You can watch a lot of anime and know jack about japan, so insulting another person because you have never heard a term means nothing and makes me want to disregard the positive remarks you have made.

Usability says that titles should be English, yes. But since Glasses Girl is hardly a direct translation i would go with the japanese. Or do you want to rename Yamato Nadeshiko to Perfect Woman? Well they are the closest translations i can think of but the English doesn't even come close to the concept. Same with this and many of the other japanese titled tropes. Get off your high horse.

Runa27:OK, first: "A little negative and too hard to read since it is one massive block of text" - I am unused to the way this Wiki formats its text (I've only used Wikipedia clones before), so that's why it's a block of text; I don't know if it is possible to indent without the little bullets that make it look like a new comment. I apologize for the reading inconvenience, it is born of me not using the discussion pages here much yet outside of the YKTWW section (I don't know how to sign my name yet, since I've only been editing main articles and the, well you know). It's "a little negative" because I'm tired, it's been a long day, I hadn't eaten in over four hours (and it was a coffee and pretzel, no less, that served as lunch), and I find this page completely by accident, when I've actually been wondering why it didn't exist before, and I got a little annoyed (no excuse, I know, but just wanted to explain why I was losing my temper out of seemingly nowhere :P). Especially since I just read Jisu's user page. I'm an otaku myself - hardcore otaku, practically, I'm even studying Japanese because of it - and I still find the things she says there almost unbelievably arrogant and ridiculous; like I said, I thought it was a joke at first (you know, poking fun at fans too blinded by the love of their favorite shows to notice that not everybody else is so enamoured as they are? Like the stereotypical Trekkie, except going by that analogy, they also expect people to know a smattering of Klingon?), but it's actually apparently serious, as at least one article on here actually uses it in a joke... regarding "turning into a Jisu". As a cautionary tale. She honestly says things like "What's wrong with meganekko? Osananjimi will never die!". Honestly, it's almost embarrassing, I mean it embarrasses me as a fellow otaku to see people going that pushily overboard (and I'm embarrassed a little for her, to boot, because she surely doesn't realize how she's coming off, or she wouldn't be so pushy-sounding), that they act like they can't get it through their heads that liberally sprinkling their English with Japanese isn't a mark of being cool or sophisticated or exotic or even just nerd-trendy, after a point it's really just annoying and obstructive and hinders communication with people who have the singular gall to speak any other language but "Japanglish", if you will. I apologize for the minor blow-up there, but I really have just run into one too many of those kinds of single-mindedly obsessives lately, and there's only so many times you can have it insinuated to you that you're not cool or trendy or smart enough somehow, if you don't know what an osananajimi is, before you just kind of... snap, you know? Even though I do know a lot of those terms, I don't think we should expect people on an English-language, general-interest entertainment tropes wiki to know them, I think it's outright rude to say they should, really. I mean, imagine we weren't talking about Japanese. Imagine it was somebody doing it with German, or French, or Swahili, with rough equivalents available in English that really don't obscure the meaning all that much, but they don't tell you until after the point of user convenience is past what the hell they're talking about. On a public wiki. Where the whole point is to conveniently organize well-written, fun articles about tropes so that they're not just a good read, but also relatively easy to find... and you'll perhaps see why I lost my temper a little, I hope. ...and yes, I once again apologize for the huge block of text. ;_;

Second:, "but some good points in places." Thank you, I'm glad you could stay un-mad at my temper-loss long enough to look at it objectively. ^^ (It speaks well of you, needless to say :P)

  • "At this stage i would be against changing the name just because of how old this page is. But renaming Sempai Kohei to Senior Junior Relations or Sempai/Kohai makes a little sense." - whoa, WHOA. ^^;; I was NOT saying we should rename Sempai Kohei (except that it seems misspelled in the title of the page in which case the misspelling should simply be corrected and then listed as a redirect in case of older links that would still go to Sempai Kohei. Or maybejust redirect Sempai/Kohai to it if we're lazy, but all of THAT is simply 'cause I've never seen it spelled "kohei", unless it's a variation or phrase mutation or something I'm not aware of, if so please mention it if it is, 'cause I'm curious, and it's not like it's mentioned in the current version). I was actually stating that that was a special case, because it is very, very specifically Japanese cultural in nature, something that manifests in everything from expected behavior to honorifics, unique to Japanese culture. This trope though does not appear to be unique to Japanese culture, unlike Sempai and Kohai relations, which is actually the (apparently poorly-worded?) jist of my argument for this page - not Sempai/Kohai - getting a name change or at least a redirect from a title that made more sense to anyone who doesn't know enough Japanese... like Glasses Girl.

"If just because the current title is mispelt (Of course simply correcting the spelling mistake fixes that)." Wait, you mean this is, or Sempai Kohei is? Doesn't matter either way though because simply telling me "just correct the spelling" doesn't actually help, I'm afraid, as I don't actually know the method for changing the title on this format of Wiki. That was partly why I posted, instead of just going ahead and posting a redirect page to here at Glasses Girl (which I still think we should do. Keeping the original page is fine, and I actually would certainly at most have copied the material over to a page with a slightly more English-friendly title and left meganekko as a redirect to avoid dead links, but I really would just settle for an English-language redirect page); I literally don't know how to do the things that I'm suggesting, at least not on this kind of wiki. Wikipedia clones, yes (with redirects, anyway, not so much the title-changing), this type, no. ^^;; It's just not something I got around to learning how to do before now, and I picked up the rest of the coding language on here from looking at the edit windows of articles (which is mostly how I learned to use Wikipedia-style Wikis, too, actually).

"The term for this page is a new description for the old fetish, and is such not so well known as older descriptions. There is no real thing as an expert on the subject." Well no. But what I'm saying is, in English, it's slang. Obscure slang. For a relatively simply concept that could have easy alternatives in English. In fact, just to really clarify, I'd like to note that part of the reason I support "Glasses Girl" as at least a redirect to here, is that it thematically fits with other articles with names like Action Girl. Action Girl is in reality a pretty vague title, close in vagueness to Glasses Girl even (this here is meant to address the "but it really means more than just a girl who wears glasses" issue), but it's short, punchy, memorable, and in English, making it much more convenient for non-otaku editors to remember it. It also makes it easier to find in the search, because if you look for "glasses", it's one of the ones that would pop up at the top of the list (since these girls almost inevitably have glasses, it's a distinctive part of the trope, thus likely to be searched for as one of the keywords). And the two words sound like they could easily describe a "meganekko" type. For people who vaguely know the trope, but not the newer slang for it, this is a good way to help them find/remember where the article is.

"I for one have heard this title used outside of the wiki. Usually in cases where one is dissecting moe on a critical level (On forums, articles or that one scene in Suzumiya Haruhi) or in discussions like this one. You can watch a lot of anime and know jack about japan, so insulting another person because you have never heard a term means nothing and makes me want to disregard the positive remarks you have made." I'm going to have to sub-bullet this one, aren't I?

  • First of all, thanks for proving my point for me, actually, by pointing out that it is rarely ever seen outside of discussions "dissecting moe on a critical level" - in short, it's an obscure critical term within a particular sub-area of fandom, the equivalent of Wangst but without the benefit of being in English or even remotely sounding close enough so that someone familiar with the trope but not the term could find the article without undue extra searching, and that's assuming they know enough about the quirks of this search system to even find it at all. In short, it's anime/manga/game critic slang, comparatively obscure anime/manga critic slang, which does not exactly act in its favor, considering how ubiquitous the actual trope is, even outside of Japan.

Second:The age of the article can allow it to be grandfathered in if you really insist, but to do so without at least a redirect from an English title is to condemn the article to a much smaller audience and cause unnecessary inconvenience to a number of users who would not know the word and not find it as easily as they could. Not to mention that seeing as it's not in English, it'll be much, much easier for editors to misspell in linking to it even if they know the word, and harder to correct it, than it were if it were English; I wouldn't have any trouble remembering it, but I know a lot of people would... and even fewer would be able to see the misspelled link and figure out where it was supposed to go, thus making for more dead links that go unfixed for much longer periods. Having a short, simple English title to redirect to it would be really helpful.

Third:Thanks for fighting presumptive tantrum with even more presumptive tantrum. Assuming that because I say "I've been watching and discussing anime online for years" (emphasis added to point out the necessary), means "whee, look at me, I'm so stupid I think that watching Sailor Moon subbed means I know every single anime term ever" is flat out ridiculous. I'm not into moe specifically - but I do know enough to know a lot of the associated tropes and the varying reasons for its psychological and cultural appeal, having actually discussed it with moe fans more than you'd apparently realized or wagered on, but in short, me being newer to here, or thinking that Jisu's being a little pushy and expressing such, does not mean I don't engage in critical discussions of anime elsewhere on the internet, including at major anime forums. To assume I haven't is to be far more presumptous than I was, and I frankly find it ironic that you should choose do so.

Finally, I did NOT insult Jisu "just because I haven't heard the word". I did so because there is only so much pushyness in fellow fans that one can take before they flat-out snap, and I managed to find an inconvenient time to do just that. But the word was merely a catalyst, not the reason. It's her presumptive "everybody has to memorize the original Japanese terms for these, just because I want it that way" attitude - expressed more vividly in her userpage than here really - is frankly rude. It makes certain pages harder to find when you name them in a language other than English on here, is all I'm saying, and in some cases really isn't as justified as it is in others. And to be that pushy and snippy about people wanting to change the titles to something MUCH easier for most English-speaking editors to remember and spell, is ridiculous - and again, IMO, rude. I'm afraid my reaction to rude people tends to be wanting to be rude to them, even if I'm not the person they were directly rude to. Silly, I know, very primal ooga-booga of me, but not exactly a weird reaction if you really think about it. And actually, you haven't seen me really insult her; I made a bit of a wiseass joke and got a little snippy, but I could have said much, much worse but chose not to. Don't ask me what I initially felt like saying after seeing that page, I've already shoved it down and it goes with me to the grave. :P Suffice it to say though that I did not intend the opening bit to come off as anything but a joke, and only realized too late that it came off nastier without the tone of voice. And also that any actual "insults" are the result of the way her general behavior came off to me, NOT THE WORD ITSELF. That was a separate issue.

"Usability says that titles should be English, yes. But since Glasses Girl is hardly a direct translation i would go with the japanese." I am aghast. I am, quite simply, AGHAST. The Japanese does not sound REMOTELY intuitively like the concept unless you know the word already or you know Japanese. Most people don't fit either. That's my point. We don't call the Cat Girl article "nekomimi", do we? And nekomimi is not any more obscure than meganekko. We don't call The Thing That Goes "Doink!" what the Japanese word for it is either, because it would be practically impossible to find if you didn't already know what the thing was - which most people probably wouldn't, if they were trying to find it. The real term for it is mentioned in the article, which should be enough. In this case, Glasses Girl is even closer to describing the actual trope (well, not closer than Cat Girl, but closer than The Thing That Does Doink, I mean), thus people looking for it in a search would more likely be able to find the page, and editors wouldn't have to remember how to spell a somewhat obscure foreign term correctly if they wanted to link to it. This is simple user/editor friendiness, not just aesthetics, you know. I even asked for merely a redirect, if it came to that, from Glasses Girl or something very close. I can't believe that you can complain about my comment, but fail to actually READ about half of it!

  • Or do you want to rename Yamato Nadeshiko to Perfect Woman? Well they are the closest translations i can think of but the English doesn't even come close to the concept." Wow, hypocritical much? You do realize that as much as I may have complained about the article being titled the way it is, I also basically outright stated that a redirect from an English title would be fine with me, right? Apparently not, because you keep acting as if the only thing I suggested was to change the name entirely! Stop assuming things that are completely wrong about me OR what I'm actually trying to say, it's annoying and its not constructive. I know I worded things poorly, but I know I didn't word them that poorly. My being rude does not mean you get a free pass on being apparently unable to read the actual post. Block text be DAMNED, you sound like you read every other half-sentence and nothing else. If you're going to reply, read the thing you're bloody replying to, it's simple common sense.

  • Same with this and many of the other japanese titled tropes. Get off your high horse. " You first. Start with not assuming I'm idiot just because I got annoyed at a pushy-sounding fangirl or frustrated because this article is not as easy to find as it should be. Continue with actually reading the whole thing you're ostensibly responding to, realizing that I'm less of a newbie to anime discussion than you think I am, regardless of how few obscure moe terms I may know, especially considering the majority of moe fandom is male, and I'm NOT, hence not being "hep" to your little obscure critical terms. Oh, and finish with realizing that for the most part, the only thing you're actually offended at was me being way too rude in expressing my opinion, which rudeness aside isn't actually a completely illogical one if you actually read what I ended up suggesting and why.

Jisu: Wow. I got called an elitist! "Obscure critical terms", my... honestly, now. Let's just keep meganekko as meganekko and leave it at that.

Seth: I actually (Believe it or not) like you. You really do have good arguments. But they are flawed, not the arguments themselves, but the audience. We at TV tropes don't want to be all that exact. The Thing That Goes "Doink!" is named such because it is funny. Which is our modus operandi - to entertain. As part of that some of our titles are hard to understand to a casual reader. But once you have read the page you do hopefully get it.

This is also why your point about it being "in short, it's an obscure critical term" - we are an obscure critical website, thus the term works for us. But the number one reason why i personally will go with this title is the grandfather clause you mention. Why? Well i wrote that one. I believe pages over a certain age should not be renamed. And i am not alone, but i can be swayed. Unfortunately none of the suggested titles beat the current and are worth the hassle of renaming.

A redirect is fine. If you want to set one up it's easy [redirect: Meganekko] copy that into Glasses Girl with an extra [] outside and your done. In fact i will do it.

I hope you stick around but please read the policy and format pages. They will help you.

Tips For Editing
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These should get you started on how we work and why we do it.

Tanto: Jesus H. Christ, what the hell happened here? You all should really just relax.

Seth: We should have made the MST3K Mantra a policy page years ago.

Looney Toons: You said it, Seth. Yeesh, Runa27, don't you have anything else to do with your time? Flat out, whatever you wanted to accomplish with that spew, you didn't, at least as far as I'm concerned, because I didn't care to read it. Anyone who uses a wiki discussion page to dump a rant of that size strikes me as potentially closed to reasonable discussion and compromise. So for some reason you don't like "meganekko", apparently because it's Japanese. Well, tough. I find that I've been saying this a lot recently, but this is another time where it's needed: We didn't make up the term — it's current and common usage among English-speaking anime fans, regardless of it being Japanese. Wherever possible, we document existing terminology instead of creating our own. Saying "I don't like your jargon, I'm going to make up something I prefer" is both arrogant and obnoxious, and distances us from the very people we're trying to inform and entertain. If a hardcore anime fan comes in and sees "Glasses Girl", he's going to write us off — with some justification — as know-nothing posers who don't have a clue. I'd rather have the clue and you pissed off than have no cred and a smiling Runa.

osh: Wow discussion go stale when they get long. Aside from my suggestion to wipe the rant, how about a simple redirect to this page from Glasses Girl?

Sci Vo: I'm with Runa27. This is one of the worst trope names on the entire site. Yes, it has nominal inertia. That's no reason for me to avoid critizing it. I'm going to be vocal about this and not pretend that it's a good name, nor even pretend that it's an acceptable kind of name for new tropes.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm not a cameraman, and I don't always know what a Camera Tricks trope is going to be before I click on it. However, I can read all of the words in their names, and there is no way on Earth that that is too much to ask for.

I've re-read the article several times, and as far as I can tell, Glasses Girl means the exact same thing without being an unnecessarily-obscure foreign-language term that looks like it would mean a giant cat or something. Next time you're thinking of making a trope name with Gratuitous Japanese? Don't. Just don't.

dkellis: You know, considering I had to learn Narm, Phlebotinum, Lzherusskie, Splat, The Alkazar, Schmuck Bait, Expy, and countless others, I think Meganekko is the least of our worries for Odd Names.

I like the name. I understand the name. And all this complaining about it is beginning to get extremely tiresome.

EDIT: Apparently I didn't learn them well enough, since I still misspelled The Alkazar.

Sci Vo: I wouldn't have bothered saying anything, but there are actually people defending "meganekko" as a trope name! That gives the unmistakable impression that they think that it's a good trope name, and would like to use more such names in the future. No way am I going let them mistake silence for agreement on that point!

dkellis: Then add me to the people defending Meganekko as a trope name. I'm fine if it had been the other way around ("Meganekko" redirecting to "Glasses Girl"), but to me, if I wanted to search for the trope, I'd have put in "meganekko" first, and then tried all combinations of "cute girl with spectacles" or "cute glasses girl". It's an integral part of the fan vocabulary of the Otaku by now, same as Tsundere and Dojikko and Moe Moe (well, "moe"). A Meganekko is not just a girl wearing glasses, she's a cute girl wearing glasses which further brings out that Moe Moe feeling. The phrase "Glasses Girl" does not, to me, bring out that same connotation.

Whether it's a good trope name depends on what one believes is considered "good" for a trope name. Personally, I think "meganekko" is just fine.

ADDITION: Let me try to make an example to clarify this: let's say the trope is named "Glasses Girl". This, to me, could mean anything from the present Meganekko to Blind Without 'Em to Beautiful All Along to Hot Librarian to simply a girl wearing glasses and no comments whatsoever about her looks. But "Meganekko" makes it clear to me exactly what the trope is: a girl who is Moe Moe or otherwise attractive because of her glasses, rather than being attractive without them.

English is not my first language, so I may not be expressing myself all that well, but I hope you understand what I'm saying.

Sci Vo: You have nothing to apologize for. You expressed yourself far better than the trope description, which sounded terribly generic by comparison, even though I re-read it (and then again!) to try and make sure that I wasn't missing anything before going off on a rant.

Ununnilium:, apparently there was an attack of Serious Business. @.@

But dkellis explained why we should keep it better than I could. Bravo~

(Also, I love the line "Wikipedia suggests we see also "glasses fetishism". Sanity suggests otherwise.")

Lale: Please just keep things simple and leave it as Meganekko!
TJ Devil 02: You should all be ashamed. All this discussion of Western meganekko examples and no one brings up Velma? Am I the only one?

Scrounge: You're far from the only one, and I feel well and thoroughly humiliated for forgetting.
Lale: Rebecca from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Scrounge: Huh. She started out as more Lolicon, bt a google search revals that after I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh, she did indeed come back with a pair of glasses. Not sure how much her personality changed, though... And given that she started out not beign one, would she count anyways?
Maureen Mac Donald: I there a male equivalent to this trope? A guy who is hot because of their glasses, outside of the more vauge Nerds Are Sexy. If I may quote Jacob from Television Without Pity on the Doctor:
This isn't the time to get your dork arrogance all in a...oh. He puts his glasses on. I'll shut up now. Just keep those mothereffin' glasses on and you can be as rude as you want, I'll not speak a word. I'm not made of stone here.

s5555: I was about to ask this question myself. I don't think the trope necessarily fits in the "Always Female" category. If fact, what would they call guys who wear glasses?

Zeke: According to That Other Wiki, just "megane". Synecdoche, anyone?
Zeke: Hmm. About the response to my PPD entry...
Trying to put the word "sweet" anywhere near Rei is liable to induce explosive reactions.
This raises a question: do glasses alone make a Meganekko, or does she need to fit a general character profile as well? The former is the term's literal meaning and seems to be how it's used in Japan. If we're using it differently, the intro should be clearer about that. (Regardless, Rei counts if Yomi does, and Miyako if Yuki does.)

OverWilliam: Didn't find this worthy of the main page (at least, not before sounding it off of the discussion), but I figured it was worth mentioning Hinata from Naruto somewhere in association with this trope just for the irony's sake. Hinata's personality is about as close to this trope as you are likely to get (complete with fan base despite being minor within the cannon), the irony being that with the Byakugan she is about as far removed from needing glasses as you could possibly get. That being said... this troper has seen certain Fanart that he cannot re-locate that has him convinced that she would look veryvery good-look-ing with some on. ;)

I deleted the El Goonish Shive example. Tedd has never been shown wearing his glasses as a girl. and he appears to be wearing them less and less overall, exceot to as a signal for one of his 'mad scientist moments

Why is the word split "Mega Nekko"? AIUI, it's a compound of "megane", meaning "glasses", and "-ko", meaning "child" and a frequent ending to female names. It really shouldn't be split at all, since it's all one word, but if we must, it still seems weird to split in the middle of a morpheme.

Caswin: It isn't a split. Someone must have either thought it was and linked it as such, or gotten lazy.

SSJDK Crew: Wait, what? Kitty Pryde? She wears glasses? Since when? I can't find a single picture of her wearing glasses online, nor do any of her animated series interpretations ever seem to sport the precious spectacles. The heck? As a longtime reader of marvel comics, and a big fan of all Meganekko-like characters everywhere, I'm sorry to say that that one came out of left field for me. I'm not saying she never wears them; just that I've read umteen million issues of X-men, and never seen a single bespectacled superheroine. Obviously, there's something wrong with that, but is it really my fault for not noticing?