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Sci Vo: I lolled. :)

Scrounge: Do giant cats ever chase giant rats or giant spiders?

Nohbody: Maybe, but in popular literature they don't seem to be against hunting anything else, either.

Luis Dantas: I don't think Heathcliff is a Mega Neko - or for that matter, that he is unable of talking. Perhaps the editor that included his name was thinking of Clifford, the giant red dog?
Document N: I miss the old pre-crash discussion page with the post "Sweet Jesus, it's becoming a trope!".

Citizen: The Internet Archive's oldest entry for this discussion is post-crash. Too bad.
Silent Hunter: There's a Doctor Who Virgin New Adventures novel with these in, but I don't recall its name.

Shojo Kakumei Gosalyn: There's also a Doctor Who comic.
AOD: What about cats with glasses? Megane Neko?

GG Crono: Dare you to try saying that ten times fast.

William Wide Web: How about giant robotic cats with glasses? Mega Mecha Megane Neko.
billybobfred: Okay is it just me or are people moving the picture back and forth from each side of the article? If it's not just me... can you make up your minds plz?

Johnny E; This is stretching Exactly What It Says on the Tin to painful extremes... some tropers seem to forget not all of us speak Japanese :P