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From YKTTW Working Title: Marijuana is LSD

Hey, I ate an awful lot of hash once and hallucinated violently and consistently for 24 hours, roughly (onion-headed creatures lurking in the background, mostly, since you ask). As this was the first time I had large amounts of THC in my system, I assumed this was usual for immense doses. A couple of my friends who smoked a large amount of skunk earlier in the same day reported hallucinating cartoon characters moving around on the page. So, where does the "99%" figure come from? Sure, small quantities of weed have never made me or my more stonerish friends hallucinate, but EVERY time my admittedly minuscule sample of 3 have gotten totally destroyed, we've reported hallucinations. They've tended towards the disturbing rather than the Unicorns and Rainbows, but hallucinations they undeniably were.

Other troper here. I've been smoking weed regularly for the past nine years, and I've had hallucinations a couple times : Once it was heightened vision (with really really good weed, but not a huge quantity), another time it was time distortion (that one happens quite often actually, but you need an unusually big dose), then there have been the visuals (tried vaporizing someday, couldn't stand up for hours. The objects were identifiable, but every time I looked at any object, I could see nothing else, and everything around me was ... sort of dancing.), then of course the auditory effects (hearing things that are entirely not there, or hearing parts in the music that you never noticed before because your brain is jamming them over what actually plays), and the best for last : fermented weed in a space cake. (Ridiculously huge dose required, though.) That one can make you speak to your pets and hear them respond. (And make you feel happy to a degree usually associated with Fluffy Cloud Heaven.)