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  • Despite the name, the company did not venture into the manga market.

This is not entirely true. In the United Kingdom only, they had an imprint called Manga Books. I have a copy of one of the books they published: a trade paperback of the comic miniseries Dirty Pair: Biohazards by Adam Warren and Toren Smith (ISBN 1-900097-04-4), published in 1995. (This was originally published in 1988-1989 by Eclipse Comics.) The dust jacket lists four other books published by them, including three Japanese manga series (AD Police (ISBN 1-900097-00-1), Appleseed volume 1 (ISBN 1-900097-01-X), and Crying Freeman volume 1 (ISBN 1-900097-03-6)), and also Adam Warren's other comic miniseries adapted from an anime, Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal (ISBN 1-900097-02-8). (Note that the English translation of Appleseed and the two non-Japanese series were the work of Studio Proteus.) — Dracula On A Bike