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Fast Eddie: Cribbed the Berra list from That Other Wiki.

Scrounge: I thought this page needed to be malapropized, so I messed with some of the other trope names. I think it still reads okay, but I'd like a second opinion.

Fast Eddie: Reads funny to me.;)

Bein Sane: Dropped the Berra quote because it's already on Beam Me Up, Scotty!, where, I think, it fits better. (But then I'm a bit biased seeing as I put it there and all.)

Getty Le Fou: Err... Teal'c speak and the like aren't actually malapropisms. A malapropism is just when you use a word which sounds similar to the one you want to use, not a general term for using a figure of speech incorrectly or differently. So "a vast suppository of information" is indeed a malapropism, but "things will, in fact, calm up," is not one (even if it is one of my favorite Teal'c quotes.) It's also important to distinguish between malapropisms and eggcorns, which are related but distinct speech errors. These aren't the only criteria for something to be a malapropism, but it seems like this page is a catch-all for several kinds of speech errors, not for malapropisms in particular.

Star Bright: Cut the following example:

  • Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet does this sometimes, accidentally calling a small child deplorable as a quick example. However, he corrects himself quickly when he does it.

I'm pretty sure this one was meant to be a Freudian slip rather than a malapropism—as in he does think the child is deplorable, he just didn't mean to say it out loud.

Big T: I added Doc from Disney's Snow White. I'm not if there's a more specific trope for what he does, though...