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batfan: If anyone has better suggetions as to how a work may qualify as a Magnum Opus, I am all ears (so to speak). Also, I didn't get much in the discussion in terms of Anime, Video Games, or Live Action TV, nor do I know enough about any of those areas to add examples for them, so help in those areas would be greatly appreciated.
batfan: Also, The question was brought up as to whether we should include actors. Personally, I say yes, although it would be a little be different because we are talking about performances, not necessarily the movies/shows themselves. For instance, Anthony Hopkins' as Hannibal Lector could easily be considered his Magnum Opus, considering how it a) was amazing, b) won him the Best Actor award, and c) was very influentual, and is gneral the first people think of when they talk about him. However, Silence of the Lambs the movie would count towards the director (whether it was his Magnum Opus, I have no idea), and Silence Of The Lambs the book would probably count as writer Thomas Harris's Magnum Opus. However, I think we should open this up for debate before any more example are added.