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Working Title: Magic Music: From YKTTW
Corahs Uncle: Some of the high Unicode characters in this article don't appear to be included in the Helvetica font.

Shay Guy: Page quote. Lovin' Spoonful. Period. (I'd do it myself, but we can hardly paste the whole song, and it's hard to pick just one or three lines.)

Kayube: Just wanted to note that technically the Sirens aren't supposed to be mermaids. They're actually half-bird creatures that happen to live in the middle of the sea. I guess people didn't want to confuse them with the Harpies so they decided to make them mermaids instead, or something like that.

Lale: No, they're not half-human-half-fish, but they're sexy, alluring, female mythological creatures associated with the sea whose voices are Magic Music. Shall we word it that way, or keep it simple?

Mary Leathert: Mozart's The Magic Flute is on the page twice, once under literature and once under opera. Which one should be removed? (Or are they actually different things?)

Clarabell: I removed the Magic Flute from Literature, as it fits much more comfortably under Opera.