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Okay, man, calm down.

macroscopic: Didn't mean to come off upset, was it the copy/pasting?

alliterator: It's generally the fact that instead of actually rewriting the pages or trying to fix the list of tropes, you automatically cutlist them. Pages for actors and actresses generally don't get cut unless there is almost nothing on them (not the case with these). I'm voting for not cutting them, since I'm finding nothing creepy about them.

macroscopic: I cutlisted them because they weren't gonna be fixed just sitting there, and as it is all they're doing is hurting the site. If someone can fix them they should. I'm not saying they shouldn't have pages just that if we're gonna have pages for them they should have real content in them and right now taking out what's wrong with it leaves nothing. Is there a reason we need to catalogue all the ways someone thought this woman was attractive? If you really think they should all be saved I suggest you start a thread in Trope Repair.

Wascally Wabbit: I agree with macroscopic

Dragon Quest Z: Take It to the Forums. Trope Repair shop is also for pages you think need work.