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Working Title: Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: From YKTTW

Sabre Justice: Okay, I've got this up, but my computer's been temperamental andI gotta go to bed so I'll leave it to Wiki Magic to finish the page.

Nate The Great: I take Cap's shield seriously, but I'm resisting the Justifying Edit because I've been slammed for conversation in the main entry before. The first, triangular shield was plain steel, this was given to Black Panther's father and is a Wakandan national treasure. The classic round sheild is made out of a one-of-a-kind steel/vibranium alloy. It's even more unique because when left as a liquid alloy overnight an unknown component entered it. Thus it's even stronger than other steel/vibranium alloys. Thor has decreed there to be nothing like it in all the worlds. Nothing short of something that can alter fundamental molecular bonds can damage it. Feel free to trim out the natter for inclusion in the main entry, but the main point is that Cap's shield is not just vibranium.

Sabre Justice: You're probably better off putting that in the Unobtainium article rather than this.

Narvi: Aiyee! No! Why couldn't this have been named Mighty Shield like it was originally YKTTW-ed?

Sabre Justice: Blame me, I liked this better.

Narvi: I do blame you. Anyway. It's just so damn derivative and in-jokey. If things like Obfuscating Stupidity was YKTTW-ed today, somebody would probably launch it as Refuge In Stupidity or something lame like that.
Haven: Do riot shields fit under this trope too?
Particleman: So... is this just like, an article for every instance of shields being used? Because that seems extremly general and not terribly interesting. Or is it just for shields being used in an improbable manner, like Captain America's boomerang shield, or someone using thier wooden shield as an improptu raft to cross the river of lava? Because if it's the latter, I'm really not seeing that from the examples, and the page description should be changed to clarify that.