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xwingace:Would Suoh Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club fit here?

Seth: I would say so - but only a minor example. Tanabe Ai from Planetes fits here as well.

Kizor: The dynamics between Zeus and Ganymede are not something even an average geek would know. Just to be clear, are we to infer anything else than putting a man pole into a glory hole?

Ununnilium: ...what?

Kizor: Hot steamy mansex.

Ununnilium: I finally found where it said "Zeus-Ganymede dynamic" in the entry. Never mind! ``v

Later: Does The Tick really fit in here? He's probably the closest Western equivalent (that isn't directly inpsired by Magical Girls), but even so, he's more Justice than Love.

Duckluck: Yeah, the Tick seems out of place. Unless someone can give me a good counter argument, I say cut him.

Kilyle: Do we have a Justice Freak trope? If so, we need to link the two for comparison, and I'd say move The Tick. However, if we don't have a comparable trope, simply note that The Tick differs in this way. I did see the connection when I read his entry, so....

Anonymous: Oh, that's a good idea. Amelia, from Slayers, better fits there as well.