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Cryptic Mirror: Is it wrong that I feel the urge to use this recipe? Because it sounds fantastic.
"Lum in Urusei Yatsura. There's nothing technically wrong with her cooking, it's just that she tends to overuse the spices to make it taste like the food on her home planet. One dish is "Tabasco soup, Indian Style, with horseradish marinated chili cod roe and hot pepper pickled eggplant stewed in chili sauce"."

How about Muppets' Swedish Chef? - Pete

Looney Toons: To the best of my knowledge, I don't think anyone ever ate anything the Swedish Chef ever made, so it's impossible to tell.

Ununnilium: Took out the bit about troll food, since it was way off-point.

Guesss Who: Remember Hagrid's rock cakes, in Harry Potter?

Shiralee: Anyone know what the real psychological disease is called? I remember reading that it actually got added to Japanese psych texts because it's so common there. I was going to add it but can't remember how to spell it at all. In fact I don't think I'm even putting it in the right order.
Earnest: I decided to switch the pictures since the Akane's is less cluttered, so I'm putting the other one here for posterity.

Daibhid C: Removed this, because one case of actual dangerous food, one of sabotage and and one of the dish being unacceptable for reasons unrelated to taste, do not a Lethal Chef make.
  • Josh from Drake & Josh is a pretty good cook- except on some occasions, such as the episode "Football" where his brownies made the members of the school football team sick (this is due to the fact that Megan put stuff from the garden into the bowl while Josh wasn't in the kitchen), in the episode "Peruvian Puff Pepper" he and Drake made a chilli with a rare and illegal type of pepper in it called the Peruvian puff pepper (eating said pepper causes chapped lips),and in the episode "The Wedding" , he served the parents of his Yudonian Epal Yuuka meatballs which turned out to be made for a goat (the goat is a sacred animal in the land of Yudonia).