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DoKnowButchie: Removed the following example, as it more closely fits "Expy" than it does this trope—Lin is far more than a cameo, and the fact that Lin isn't immediately recognizable as Linda Danvers would seem to go against the spirit of the trope.

*Liandra, tthe main character of Peter David's Fallen Angel was originally going to be revealed to in fact be the Linda Danvers-Earth Angel version of Supergirl. Following the title's move to IDW however, David was legally barred from using DC characters and making the revelation. Issue 14 of the series, introduced "Lin", Liandra's predecessor who had recently escaped from Limbo. Both David and even DC-EIC Dan Didio have acknowledged that for all intents and purposes this is Linda Danvers.

GG Crono: I really don't think the current page image is an example of the trope. But since I don't have a good replacement for it, I'll leave it where it is for now.