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Caravelle : Patricia C. Wrede's Calling on Dragons features a literal Killer Rabbit, that is to say a rabbit named "Killer". Who couldn't be less threatening if he tried. Which makes it more of a Deathbringer the Adorable, but c'mon ! Killer Rabbit ! Is that name enough to include it here ?


  • The knife-carrying, explosive and possessed-by-the-souls-of-criminals penguins known as Prinnies from most of the Nippon Ichi games.

I'm pretty sure it's only "several." I don't think they appeared in La Pucelle or the Marl series, and those combined take up too many of Nippon Ichi's games for it to be "most" without them.

Qit el-Remel: The D&D third-party with the "Kill Kittens" was Arduin.

Does Pratchett's "The Luggage" fit in here? —Tierlieb

There are some characters that are tiny but pack a big punch, without being cute. Such as bosses that are the same size as you (instead of being gargantuan), as well as intentionally tiny characters like Jinx from Super Mario RPG. Would those fit here? — Glenn Magus Harvey

Prfnoff: Removed the Real Life section for having far too much Natter:

Sabre Justice: Put it back. "Lastly, always remember that if it looks like Natter, but is completely on point and actually contributes something to the entry, it's not really Natter."
Mads: I think the Real Life section needs a Troper Tales page.