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I wouldn't really put Usada here. While she *is* trying to become an idol singer, she doesn't act especially cloying, even when she's trying to impress.

Seyr: Why is this titled "kawaiiko" and not "burriko"?

Ununnilium: Why isn't it titled Ping Pong Spaghetti Pants? I don't understand why it would be titled "burriko".

Binaroid: "Burriko"'s a Japanese term for a girl who's obviously trying a little too hard to be a Kawaiiko. Roughly the difference between being "sweet" versus being "saccharine".

Looney Toons: Then it should at least be mentioned in the text, if we don't rename the entry entirely. I've only ever seen kawaiiko used for this concept, which is why I named the article such, but if burriko is the proper idiom we should use that.

YYZ: When a girl's playing so overly cutesy that the Japanese can't watch her without breaking into hysterical laughter, you know she's not trying to be serious about it.

Caphi: Does Hirano Aya work for this one? I'm not quite certain.
Citizen: On second thought, maybe Sora wasn't a good image choice. It's been hidden all this time because it was linked to a non-existent page. Anyway, removed.