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Scrounge: Man, this page is gonna fill up fast... A MINUTE OR SO LATER: Fished out some stuff that had originally come from the Title Bin, left out a few things I was on the fence on such as Dropped a Bridget on Him, Uncanny Valley Girl, and etc.

Medinoc: Seems that Dropped a Bridget on Him was added since (didn't know it existed). But since when is Serkis Folk a pun?

Sniffnoy: Well, it sounds like "Circus Folk"...

Ununnilium: Circus Folk + a guy who's well-known for doing body motion-capture for CGI characters is Andy Serkis.

Sci Vo: I almost asked yesterday how Ship Tease was a pun. Figured it out while I was typing the question, heh.

Medinoc: OK. I didn't know "Circus Folk", probably because English is not my native language.
Medinoc: And Guide Dang It! ?

Sci Vo: As in "God dang it," which is derived from "God damn it."

Medinoc: Thanks. I should have seen this one...
Medinoc: I know I'm getting annoying, but Faking the Dead and By the Lights of Their Eyes are puns ? O_o

HeartBurn Kid: Faking the Dead is a pun on "Waking the dead". By the Lights of Their Eyes is a little of a stretch due to the "By", but it seems to be a play on "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes."

Seven Seals: By the Lights of Their Eyes doesn't seem like a pun to me. I think it's supposed to imply that these characters could (say) read a book By the Lights of Their Eyes rather than an actual natural light source. Although the curious plural of "lights" seems to vindicate you. Overall, an odd one.
Sniffnoy: OK, none of the following appear to be puns:

Sci Vo: Improper Fraction is what's technically known as a "homographic" pun. I would've put Kid-anova under Tropemanteau instead, except that it was apparently made as two words. I don't get why Three Is Company is here.

Sniffnoy: OK, removed Kid-anova and Three Is Company. Thought: apparently there was a superhero called Kid Nova. Maybe they thought it was a pun on that? how is Sobbin' Women a pun? :-/

Medinoc: Because of the Sabine Women, as explained in the entry.
Lale: Ship Tease and The Guards Must Be Crazy are puns on what?

Micah: Striptease, The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Koveras: I see there has been a lot of confusion about the sources of many puns on the list... Maybe we should just add them in brackets behind the article titles?

Some Guy: Either that or simply remove some of the more questionable puns from the list. I mean, Start of Darkness is a pun? I just thought it was a descriptive title.

Koveras: Maybe we should do both? Add a line to the top of the page, prompting to fill in the source of the pun if you know it, then we two go through the list and enter what we recognize, then other tropers notice our efforts and help out, then after a month, we just remove anything questionable left. Well, maybe check the corresponding articles first because sometimes the pun is explained in the text.

Yoshi348: Start of Darkness may or may not be a pun on Heart of Darkness. It is wonderfully descriptive, though, which is probably why such an ancient trope got a Trope Namer of such modern vintage. (Oh, who am I kidding, it's because it's Order Of The Stick.) It's worth noting that it's the name of OOTS's original material "how the villains got together" book, which came after OOTS's original material "how the heroes got together" book, which was much more clearly a pun (Origin of the P Cs). Which means the pun in OOTS's case is more likely to be intentional.

Lilwik: Baa-Bomb is not a pun on obscure Super Mario Bros. character Bob-omb. It sounds like it's a pun on something else, but I'm not sure what. If it weren't a pun it would just be called Sheep Bomb.