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Daibhid C: I changed the line "Dredd is canonically the same age as the strip itself", because I don't think that's what it meant...
Snowflake: Yes, that's definitely not what it should say. The strip is 32 years old, but Dredd is nearing 70.

Alias Sunder: There's a notion that I want to challenge, but I thought it best to do it here, rather than on the trope page for Dredd, so as to avoid clutter.

"Sadly, after wandering the Cursed Earth, Dredd comes back and saves the day and sadly, the status quo fairy kicking in as Dredd learns NOTHING from the Necropolis storyline and basically glowingly smiles when Democracy is voted down,"

I don't agree with this. When Dredd put down the Democracy protest prior to Necropolis he believed Democracy was so dangerous that it had to be stamped out at any cost and that the citizens of Mega City One should have no say in the matter. When he returns after Necropolis he throws his weight around for a referendum on whether the Judge system should remain in place. This is because he now sees that the only way the system could remain legitimate is if the people showed that they wanted it.

Caswin: Am I the only one who thinks that, provided you sever all ties to the comic it was based on, the movie is at least watchable? And not just for the supposed relentless narm factor?