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Rogue 7: Was it 1998 or 1988 that the main crash occurred?

Wiki: Late 80s - early 90s. 1998 would be kinda, off dot dot dot
Sukeban: As for Fujitsu, it comes from "Fuji Tsuushinki Seizou Kabushikigaisha," or "Fuji Communication Equipment Manufacturing Corporation". There's a nice article on Japanese company name etymologies here. --- Iamtroper: Took out 'This Troper, in doing research about Japan's postwar economy, came across many books dealing with this topic.' Specifics, fellow tropers, specifics! :D

Charred Knight: I remember getting pamphlets about this kind of crap in school. Kind of funny know, especially hilarious when you see how bad Toei, and Bandai Visual failed when they tried to enter the american anime business.