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Kilyle: I thought our policy was to use The before character types named after specific characters, to differentiate them from that character. The Worf, or The Quark, or The Jughead, or whatever. No?

Pink Lime: I removed Fry from Futurama, because, while he is underpaid and disrespected, he doesn't really have any past glories, and isn't cynical.

DomaDoma: I'm not the only one who thought this was some kind of serial killer trope that covered both Al Capone and Ted Bundy, right?

blackcat: I question the Death of a Salesman example. If the character type is named after Al Bundy there is a comic element implied. Willy Loman is many things, but not comic.

Prfnoff: I think this is worth saving, but Needs a Better Description — the description probably should to be narrowed to make this more specific, and a better title would be good as well.