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Can I get more information on "This Is How The World Will End"? By who is it? Sounds interesting.

Rissa: The Pratchett example is in there twice (Making Money is a Moist Von Lipwig book). I don't know which version should stay.

Miss Hap: I'd vote the Making Money example be removed since the first one covers both books and explains why they're done this way, and so is more useful.

Miss Hap: In fact, I'll go ahead and remove it. So, Making Money example removed because it was redundant.

Anon: The King James Bible uses this trope, I think the translation was done in the mid/late 1600s, not sure. I didn't want to badly edit the article and mess it up :-D Oh! That's also Older Than Steam. I don't know any ancient examples, I think it was a translation feature.

Would this early 19th century documentation of a case of delusion count as an example? "llustrations of Madness: Exhibiting a Singular Case of Insanity, And a No Less Remarkable Difference in Medical Opinions: Developing the Nature of An Assailment, And the Manner of Working Events; with a Description of Tortures Experienced by Bomb-Bursting, Lobster-Cracking and Lengthening the Brain. Embellished with a Curious Plate"