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{Seth: Rather than listing and linking to all the different boards in one image board, a rough outline of the concept with a single link in the examples section works best. I'll let people have their say before i make any edits though.

osh: *nod* Especially with the proliferation of particular boards, a general example is best.

Sci Vo: 4chan is iconic. From what I've heard, it also isn't the type of place to wander about aimlessly (unless you like the idea of stumbling across an illustration of shitting dick-nipples), and some of the others are worse. If you don't want a specific example based on a real image board here, then please move the list of 4chan sub-boards to a 4chan sub-trope instead of just removing them.

Tanto: 4chan deliberately doesn't have a page. It did at one point, but it was removed because we fear invasion and vandalism. Check Four Chan Discussion and the Cut List for more detail on that.

Sci Vo: Okay, I read Four Chan Discussion (no hits on the Cut List for "4chan" or "fourchan"), and it looks to me like it was deleted because it had become a focus of conflict and strife amongst ourselves, no outside influence necessary. The last thing that Fast Eddie said there was,
Fast Eddie: Looks like we've got a joke gone weird situation. It happens. I think the Imageboards article as a New Media sub-index makes sense. 4chan could be an item on that list. I have to go along with the idea that a one-line article opens more question than it answers. "Third Worst..." is not a bad opening line. You'd expect to see some text supporting that thesis, though.

Tanto: Eh. There was a fairly long discussion about this before it was removed — I don't know where Fast Eddie is sending the done Cut List items these days. We'd pretty much reach consensus that it needed to go, though.

Sci Vo: Frankly, I don't see what the big deal would be, as long as we kept it simply factual — which they were apparently not doing with the old page — but I don't really care whether the 4chan-specific example goes there or stays here, as long as its one or the other. I'm not down with simply cutting it.

Seth: This page was the compromise, we acknowledge the existence of imageboards without dwelling on them too long.
Seth: Since no-one chimed in defence of them i removed the links. Anyone can search for them, i don't believe anyone comes here wanting to be linked to porn. Info about the concept and a blurb about 4chan is enough, no need to link to every board separately, if you want to find it then google it.

Anon: Someone should post a link to the encyclopediadramatica list of chans. While on a similar topic, someone should make an article for encyclopediadramatica while they are at it. But that person would need to both know it well and have a strong stomach. Because Shitting Dick Nipples are no fun.
Ace Of Scarabs: 4chan used to have a /l/ in it's early days, until it was deemed too risky and was packed of to form a new board, not4chan. There also exists a gurochan.
Count Dorku: So is 4chan The Imageboard That Must Not Be Named? I ask merely for information; I've never heard it referred to as such. Mind you, this site and 4chan itself are pretty much the only places I talk to Crazy People Over The Internet, so...
  • On GameFAQs, at one point mentioning 4chan by name was frowned on by many moderators (because it's prohibited to link to offensive content, of which there is plenty on 4chan, and the name is also the URL), so this term was used.

Starscream: ...we have a page for Encyclopedia Dramatica, and yet no 4chan? Guys, you're only stalling the inevitable.
E Zahn:So, is this the place where we talk about which board's /x/(ZOMBIE GHOASTS), /tg/(Traditional Gaemz), or /g/(computers) is best? —- Elfey: I'm offended by the breaking of Rule 1.... —- >In a sidenote, the name of the infamous /b/ betrays 4chan's Something Awful pedigree; that site's general discussion forum is 'General Bullshit' The naming of /b/ has nothing to do with GBS - it's derived from the URL of Futaba Channel's Niijura boards, which /b/ was originally to be an analog of. I don't think anybody knows what it originally stood for, if anything. Moot did implement /z/, however, which was based on FYAD.
  • Anonymous: Rule 1: Do not talk about B. Rule 2: Do not talk about B. I assume that this is why we only have 4chan as a Redirect, but there's no Rule against talking about it, just about that particular part of it. At any rate, someone should remove the references in the Main Article before some Anonymous who actually gives a shit sees them.