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Richard_W: Removed

  • Iron Maiden's longest-standing and only constant members are actually Steve Harris and Dave Murray, not frontman Bruce Dickinson, although the band is such a Long Runner at this point that the only real new guy is guitarist Janick Gers.
    • Who has only been in the band for just 19 years.

because it doesn't seem to fit at all. That's three of them at least, surely? Dickinson might have left for a bit but he's back now and was always important. (Unless this was meant to be an aversion because people think it's just Bruce Dickinson - but who does that?)

Meta Four: Removed, because in 2009, Pete Furler announced his departure from the band. So now none of the founding members are still in the band.
  • The Newsboys: Pete Furler, who, oddly enough, was promoted from drummer to lead singer during the band shuffle. That was almost 10 years ago, and the rest of the band has held steady since then.

J Chance: Think this needs sorting, because there are three distinct degrees: Solo in studio with other musicians only in concert; One person using session musicians or assembling a different lineup every time; single songwriter with or without lineup changes.
  • Necroms: I agree, too bad I have no idea which cases are which except theentries that explicitly say which.

Daibhid C: I added this, then I took it out again, because I wasn't sure it was an example:
  • Fairport Convention was known as "Fairport Confusion" in the early seventies, since it seemed to be mostly Dave Swarbrick, with Dave Pegg and whoever else they could get. And neither Swabrick or Pegg were even founding members! (Original Conventioner Simon Nicol rejoined in 1976, after which he and Pegg became the only constants.)
Is there a trope for where a band ends up with none of the original members? Should there be? (Suggested page quote: "Steeleye Span is like a bus. You get on and off" -Maddy Prior)

Yon Troper: Removed the Aphex Twin example. I've never heard Aphex Twin referred to as a band, only as a solo artist.

Morgan Wick: I say it should be re-added, because I'm having trouble processing Aphex Twin being a solo artist.

Conthus: Could non-music examples of a "group" that only consists of a single person be put here as well, or is there another trope that would cover that?