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From YKTTW Working Title: Hot Mom
LE Xicon 712: Now that the title is no longer Anime exclusive, I feel like we should change the picture to a Real-Life hot mom. A celeb would be nice. Place your suggestions here.

Hold up, ive got it, Rachel Hunter (supermodel and real life mom), who was featured in the video for "Stacy's Mom".
  • Mc Jeff: I rather find Hot!Marge to be rather squicky, and whole heartedly agree with changing the trope picture. Since there's now a forum just for images I suggest someone start a discussion. Meanwhile, I'm going to remove Marge (although if someone reverts me I won't try to revert back).

  • Chris X: Wait a minute, what? THAT'S the trope picture!? If the trope is about sexy legs, it'll fit. But THIS IS ABOUT SEXY FEMALE WHO IS A MOTHER, NOT SEXY LEGS!

I'm editing a entry for this trope on the Hello! Project page. Is the death of the child a subversion, aversion or something else?
Who's idea was it to bring back that damn Tori Amos when someone stated Take It To The Fourms?

Soap Magic: First of all, when and where did this Take It to the Forums statement take place? I didn't know that someone had already added her here, which resulted in this Take It to the Forums event that I am not aware of. Also, why is it a big deal to have real life examples of a hot mom when its Spear Counterpart Hot Dad has some?

Please take a chill pill. I don't see how a simple mistake could cause so much trouble. Another thing, don't imply that Tori Amos is some pest. Please and thank you.

Orihime: Restored the Real Life section. Hot Dad has it, so it's not fair to only erase it here. And take your whining elsewhere, people: if you don't agree Tori Amos is one, just erase the line and be done with it.

Komodin: Fine, I'll just get rid of both pages' Real L Ife sections, since it appears to be so subjective as to cause edit wars. Also: don't you think this line (Two, take your edit wars and your bitchiness elsewhere.) was a bit uncalled for?