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From YKTTW Working Title: Hiroshima as a unit of measure

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    • What??? This troper thinks this claim is very much mistaken. R.I. was founded by one Roger Williams and others as a refuge from the Plymouth Plantation settlers, whom they saw as oppressive and intolerant of other religous practices. "Legendary"? No. It is used as a comparison sometimes, particularly as most Americans are aware that it is the smallest state in the Union, but most would be hard pressed to give you a figure on its area (about 1,500 square miles, incidentally, including Narragansett Bay and Block Island).
Beacuse apparently the troper is unfamilliar with the concept of a joke.- Chlorea

  • Eric Der Konig: I just want to add that I hate the use of this trope, at least when measurements aren't given in common measurements. I'll make an exception for pounds/tons of TNT, but that's it.