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I think...ah, I think this would be better as one word, you know? That's what I think. Can someone who knows how to...
  • Even if it was to be left as a Wiki Word, it's broken at the wrong place. It's hiki-komori, not hikiko-mori. Definitely needs to be fixed. -Bicornis
  • Why is this one in Japanese? I mean, I can understand it if there are certain anime character types with names that can't be translated very well, but what's the difference between 'Hikikomori' and just 'Recluse'?
    • One is Japanese social problem, that is causing a lot of debate. The other is just an English word

Ace Of Scarabs: I get the feeling some of us tropers are hikikomori too.

Haven: You are correct (though, for my own part, I'm doing a little bit better lately).