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Paul A: Would the Kawasaki Ninja count as an example?
Medinoc: Would Junpei from Megatokyo count as an example or a subversion?
Lots42: Discworld; I remember there was something about Vetinari wearing BLUE for the serious missions instead of ninja-accepted black. -Something- about how blue blends into the shadows better and in the terms of the Assassins, wearing black IS a Highly Visible Ninja. I wish I had more details.
Rogue 7: Nattersmack!
  • Zabuza Momochi is a subversion in this, being the only one of the entire cast who actually bothered to try and be stealthy about things, aiming to remain unseen and unheard, and dispatch people silently, you know like ninja should.
    • being able to summon up a 'pea soup' thick mist helps alot in the being unseen endeavour, considering he's carrying what could be best described as a giant steel paddle on his back.
  • In one of the many filler arcs between the end of Naruto and the beginning of Shipuuden, the main antagonist is actually very stealthy and cunning, Hiding In Plain Sight by disguising himself as a trusted advisor to the family he was seeking to assassinate, managing to even kill one of them without blowing his cover. When he is eventually found out, Kakashi berates him, telling him that such sneaky tactics are not the true ninja way. What the hell?
  • Lampshaded in Naruto: The Abridged Series. Namely in how Naruto himself is actually visible from miles away.
  • This Troper thinks that Naruto's choice of coloring might be intentional. In the first series he wears blue which I think represents Naruto's (relative)innocence. In Shippuden he starts wearing black which I think shows a loss of innocence. This Troper thinks the trademark orange represents Kyuubi(in the various times he's been shown he has been the exact same shade of orange). Of course the creator may not have thought that deep and he may have just wanted a flashy noob of a ninja.
    • Or it's a Shout-Out to Dragon Ball, whose iconic hero also wears orange and blue (later upgraded to orange and black).
    • This troper is sticking with "flashy noob". Naruto, by standard ninja rules, is a joke character. Sasuke, or possibly even Kakashi, would be the main character.
  • Masashi Kishimoto, the series' creator, intentionally made the ninja different from anything that came before.
  • It seems that the ninja in Naruto's village do where the stereotypical ninja black... but only during funerals.
  • Forget Naruto. Choji, and the rest of the Akimichi clan for that matter, specialize in being big eaters, and use techniques that dramatically increase the size of their bodies, to the point where the most powerful members of the clan can grow to the size of buildings. Naruto's just orange.
  • Yeah, you guys can tell that when it comes to Naruto, people take the ninja concept way too seriously.