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04:50:54 AM Jun 23rd 2010
Could someone, err, summarize the Naruto portion of the trope? No offense meant to the hardcore Naruto fans out there, but your various attempts at Justifying/Unjustifying one another is making the page unnecessarily long. Can't a simple "Ninjas here prance around in BRIGHT ORANGE ROBES ... but only because everybody in the world ISH ALREADY A STEALTH MASTA-MERCENARY-PROSTITUTE" (or whatever variation the fanbase can agree on) suffice?
12:57:32 PM Aug 17th 2011
This is hilarious, but I was just thinking that. I'm fixing this now. Let's not ruin the trope itself by trying to tear it apart in order to defend our favorite works. The trope is about ninjas who aren't as stealthy as ninjas are (stereotypically) supposed to be. Now we have people literaly defining what a ninja is supposed to be. We have a definition, it's on the summary of the trope page itself. Lets go by that.

We got Fridge Brilliance that just screams Justifying Edit all over the place. When you think highly visible ninja, you think Naruto. That should be enough.
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