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Ununnilium: I think "Examples", for this, shouldn't be any game where you can rename your character. Just the has-to-make-special-allowances-for-voice-acting ones.

Andrew Leprich: Ok, sounds good to me.

"Baten Kaitos also has the characters leave out the Guardian Spirit's name when addressing it."

Tanto: Weirdly enough, despite being a huge fan of this series I never knew that. I guess it's because I play with the (frankly horrid) voice acting off.

Phartman: Okay, so how is Tidus' name pronounced? Please tell me it isn't Tee-dus.

Andrew Leprich: It is.

Phartman: Ouch. Poor Teedus...

Ununnilium: What, really? Sheesh.

osh: Yeah. Pretty much any of the non-Western style Final Fantasy name are pronounced like the Japanese (and Spanish) fans do so you have to watch the vowels; I called Zi-da-ne "Zi-dane" for ages. IIRC Final Fantasy X 's Ryukku became Rikku because ryu renders a bit wonky to English, but sounds to us after getting White-Haired Pretty Boy Riku's later on.

Andrew Leprich: I myself while playing Kingdom Hearts was shocked to lean that Final Fantasy VII's Yuffie's name is actually pronounced as rhyming with goofy (yoo-fee) and not with duffy.

Inkblot: Kingdom Hearts: Smacking English pronunciations with a Keyblade since 2002.

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  • We finally got to hear his name in Kingdom Hearts where the standard Japanese 'vowel' convention held (soft "i", Tee-dus) and surprised a few fans. In Kingdom Hearts 2 a different character pronounced his name Tide-us, contradicting the earlier pronunciation and leaving "Tidus" with no canonical pronunciation.
    • The Japanese pronounce and write it like Tīda (pronounced Tee-da). In an interview with James Arnold Taylor, he declared that Tee-dus was an acceptable "correct" pronunciation.

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