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There's one entry that just says Degrassi: The Next Generation. Um...which character?
Heel Face Revolving Door launched as Heel Face Revolving Door Discussion: From YKTTW

ErikS: Namor... "the frogurt is cursed". WTF?! What is frogurt?
  • Jack-of-Some-Trades: It's a reference to The Simpsons. One of the Treehouse of Horror specials. It's a joke.

Lizuka: He isn't mentioned in anything but a stray comment at the present time, but WWE wrestler Kane does this enough that it could probably be warranted to rename the trope in his honor. Granted, having one called The Kane isn't exactly going to make average people think of this first and foremost...

Working Title: Heel Face Revolving Door: From YKTTW

What about Entrapment? Every character seems to qualify - or is there a trope that fits better?