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(July 12, 2009)— '''There is discussion here on whether this should be renamed, and if so, what to.]]
Ununnilium: ...Mihoshi? O.o She doesn't drink.
Is this also unrelated to the Legend of Zelda games? —Document N
Steven As Himself: I'm curious... Why is this called Bottle Fairy? I've never heard that term used for this and it seems really confusing what with the show called Bottle Fairy and everything. So unless this is some kind of New York slang that I don't know about, what's the deal here?

Some Sort Of Troper: You've not heard the term but plenty of other people have since it's a pre-existing colloquial term that I personally have seen in national newspapers, play and film reviews and various other things while being a far distance from New York.
I'm surprised Misato from NGE isn't the header image. —Will Black