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Fast Eddie: For history watchers ... I was going to say a thing about Caseless Ammo and how it all rolls back to Aliens, but backed off, behind this wiki not even slightly wanting to be Guns and Ammo, Online.

Unknown Troper: It took this long for Immune to Bullets to get added, despite the glaringly obvious gun-related term in it? For shame, my comrades-in-troping, for shame!

Martin The Mess: I propose adding a new trope in this category, the "Kill-O-Zap Gun", named for the weapon carried by Number One on the Golgafrincham Ark Ship in "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" by Douglas Adams. A Kill-O-Zap Gun is a perfectly normal gun with a bunch of extra doo-dads, sharp prongs, blackened bits, and other bits of scrap metal added to make it look cooler, more intimidating, more futuristic, or simply disguise the fact that it's really a perfectly ordinary present-day gun underneath all the extra claptrap. Obvious examples include the STEN submachine guns and FG-42's modified to be Stormtrooper guns in Star Wars, the Ruger Mini-14's modified with plastic outer casings to be pulse rifles in Aliens and Morita assault rifles in Starship Troopers, and probably a lot more that don't leap instantly to mind.

Flah: Surely there's a trope for the magnetic metal railing? You know what I'm talking about, right? The hero is being chased by a gun-wielding maniac. There's only one way out of the situation: Start climbing a convenient nearby fire escape. The bad guy fires at the hero but, by some miracle, every bullet hits the bars of the railing, no matter how far apart they may be, and our good guy survives to make his comeuppance. The only explanation that I could come up with is that all fire escapes and metal railings are made of some sort of magnetic substance that attracts all bullet-shaped pieces of metal. I've seen it happen in more than a few action movies such as Total Recall (which is a good thing since they were shooting at the dome that was keeping the atmosphere in), among others. If there is no trope for this, I believe that it's high time that there should be.