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Insanity Prelude: I've never seen the "smoke a load of cigarettes in a row to make your kid quit" variant.

Zeta: It was used most recently in King of the Hill, which only made Bobby more addicted. I'm sure I've seen it in Looney Tunes sometime, as well.

fleb: And Futurama. And That 70s Show. It wasn't even Eric's cigarette; he was taking the fall for his girlfriend (against her will).

Nornagest: Cut this from the Lord of the Rings entry:

Of caurse, back then I'm not sure if people were aware that smoking was bad for you.

They did. The "coffin nails" slang for cigarettes goes back at least to the Victorian era; people were just less uptight about it, largely because life expectancies were lower and smokers were likely to die of some other horrible disease before developing fatal lung cancer.

I have a strange feeling about Maleficent's hand-to-chest gestures in Sleeping Beauty, because I know the body language was based on the voice actor. I don't even know if Eleanor Audley was a smoker but she sounds like it, she died of breathing disorders, and I catch myself doing the same gestures myself.

Copied from the Superman movie entry:

In the 1970s Superman movie Lois Lane not only smoked, but she smoked Marlboros which must have been Product Placement as they were largely considered manly, macho cigarettes.

It strikes me that this might've been more of a comment on her character than product placement. Lois Lane's always been a bit of a tomboy in how she gets things done, so it would make sense that she'd probably smoke the same brand as her male coworkers to avoid seeming 'weak' or 'girly'. Of course, I haven't seen the movie proper, so it's quite possible that her characterization is very different from this in it.