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Good But Not Nice launched as Good Is Not Nice: From YKTTW

Good is Not Nice launched as Good Is Not Nice: From YKTTW

Good Is Not Nice launched as Good Is Not Nice: From YKTTW

Working Title: Good Is Not Nice: From YKTTW

arks: Will add examples later. No time now. Snape is not an example, neither is Superman or the Punisher from the description given in the suggestions.

[[Loki Lie-Smith Loki Lie-Smith]]: How is Snape not an example? He's practically Granny Weatherwax as a reverse mole.

Lots42: The Punisher IS this description...except for the shooting of the bad guys in the face...

Dropped the Cherubim from the list of examples of "actually nice" angels in In Nomine. The defining characteristic of the Cherubim in the In Nomine RPG is loyalty. Both of the Cherub Archangels, Blandine and Novalis, are indeed nice, but they're vastly outnumbered by Cherubim who are a lot more reminiscent of Jack Bauer: definitely on the side of good but willing to use some pretty vicious methods to achieve those good aims. Far more than the Seraphim, who simply lack social graces and are unwilling to lie, Cherubim are the poster angels for Good Is Not Nice.

Ogre Prodigy: Vimes is SO not Lawful Good. Rather, he's a Chaotic Good person who ended up running the law.

Dookie: So what would the policy on Real Life examples be on this? After all, it would involve dividing history and other stuff into "good" and "bad."

The Nifty: not an example of this trope:

  • An understated example is in Aziraphale from Good Omens. Despite his kindly visage and being Heaven's agent on Earth, he has very unangelic faults, such as greed (his beloved books!) and dishonesty (he lies to God of all people). We don't really know what happens to the men who threaten to burn his shop down, but one can guess.

Aziraphale is very nice to pretty much everyone he meets, he just has a few flaws.