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Working Title: Genocide Backfire: From YKTTW
SenatorJ: I really want to include accidental self-genocide from Roguelikes such as Nethack, but the logic would have to be kinda contrived, as you're playing the role of the genocidal maniac and the member of the race that proves your undoing. The thing you overlook is the natural consequence of deleting, say, every Dwarf in the world if you are a Dwarf yourself.

Peteman: Who was the reclusive Bajoran merchant? If we were talking about Hagath (the arms dealer that Quark's cousin works with), I don't remember him being Bajoran or that the Cardassians pissed him off. Hagath just believed that sooner or later the Bajorans would win, and that he took this as an opportunity to get in their good graces.